In the end of 2001 I (Wargrath alias Marlon Drescher) decided to start a one man band and called it Malus.
From the beginning it was my aim to create an independent and misanthropic style of black metal with a very dark and dreadful atmosphere.
The content of the lyrics should be glorifying victory of natures forces over man and the elimination of the human race.
Wargrath 2001On the one hand I wanted to create something totally new and on the other hand I wanted to continue the work of particular brilliant black metal warriors of the late 20th century.
So the sound of Malus was comparable to some kind of raw black metal with a very individual and personal style.
I always used to use keyboards in the songs, because on the one hand I used to compose many of the songs with my piano and on the other I liked the mystic and atmospheric sound of strings and choirs.

Between January 2002 and December 2003 I recorded and released four albums Insignificant Life, Awakened Grimness, In Revenge and Creation of Death on my own and gathered much experience on working in my recording studio 'Studio of the Morningstar'.
I started my own record label and published all the work with Immense Storms Production.
The fact that I did everything on my own allowed me to act absolutely autonomous and create pristine art free of manipulation and mutation.

Wargrath 2003I was also active in other bands, playing drums in some progressive rock and metal bands and composing songs for my soundtrack project.
I also released Die Schoenheit der Einsamkeit with my former black metal band Odium Immortalis and Eternal Sleep of my one man project Somnium Mortuum.
I performed some more activities and was busy here and there.

So four years have passed until I recorded and released the fifth output The Beauty of Doom. It had a better sound and more elaborated keyboard arrangements.

In this time not only the sound of Malus has changed, but also the behavior of the listeners.
While some years ago many people bought and collected compact disc, nowadays nearly everybody downloads music from the world wide web regardless if it's illegal or not.
I came across several websites selling my music and even merchandise without my permission and without any credit and I realized that I just arrived in the digital world full of smartphones and forced consumption.
A world without honesty and assurance. A world without quality and effort.

Somnium Mortuum Merchandise thieveryOn the one hand this frustrated me that much I stopped making music for a bigger audience and canceled my label Immense Storms.
On the other hand this weird and creepy modern world gave me further inspiration in composing new dark and powerful music, so between 2010 and 2013 I created a new Malus album Looking through the Horrorglass.

I combined my experience with classical music and soundtracks with the natural Malus sound and called this novel style of music Orchestral Horror Metal. It is very atmospheric, creepy and somehow paradox.
On this record real orchestra samples where used to give the album a more authentic feeling and an association to soundtrack music.
Due to the fact that almost nobody every listened to it I decided to release it just on this website and offer a completely free digital download.
Everybody may download the whole album with the included booklet and listen to it all the time for free.

Wargrath 2015Those of you who like to have a real audio CD of the new Malus output or just want to support the art of independent underground are welcome to spend an arbitrary amount of money >here< .
I created a donation possibility and when 1200 Euro is collected I am going to produce a CD version of the new album and sell it for little money.

I made many new and devastating experiences within the last years and very soon I am going to continue creating new songs for Malus and Somnium Mortuum.

There is more to this world than we see with our eyes...

Wargrath / Marlon Drescher

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